My life there and afterwards

So Very Grateful

I am so very grateful for my new life. My own apartment, a gorgeous view to die for, a steady job. Although I wish to be able to help people more directly, I work in a good public, serving, business with a great crew of people. All my terrific friends, a wonderful car, reasonably good health. I am grateful that I can work on the aspects of health that need it, having good doctors and going to a gym. My dear and wonderful children and their families. My professional contacts and friends, and all the variety of activities that living in Boston provide me with. I am grateful for intellectual stimulation, and the opportunity to go to college – a life long dream that is being fulfilled. The freedom to learn, and to question, and to make up my own mind about life in general, and my life in specific.

I am not grateful for the years at CJ, years of fear and manipulation, of being lied to and threatened. Years of being told a false gospel. But I am grateful that God taught me some very valuable lessons, such as compassion for people who suffer, especially in ways that are mental and not so easily seen. It has given me a sensitivity to control, manipulation and lies. Most importantly, it has given me a daily appreciation of the freedom that our great country was founded on, and is continuing to reach for. Freedom of each person to define life and reality in the way best suited to him/her, and the tolerance and love that all great religions teach for each other.

May your Thanksgiving Day be filled with love, laughter, and the remembrance of all there is to be grateful for.


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