My life there and afterwards


I’ve found a church I feel comfortable with. It is low demand. They state upfront it doesn’t matter where you are at on your spiritual journey you are welcome. You don’t even have to put into the collection basket. It’s not high church, so none of those triggers get pushed. They have these small groups that meet once a week for reading and talk and prayer. You can come and go as you please – no commitment needed. Just what I need. To introduce myself I told some of my story, more than I had intended but I don’t know where to stop. So sometimes I wonder if I came across with too much. I figure if your story is too intense, it can put people off. Yesterday one of the gals, as we were leaving, told me she was really glad to have me in the group. I thanked her and said what I just said above, that I hoped my story wasn’t too intense, being a bit different as it was. She said no, I bring a good element to the group, and many of us have been duped, one way or another. Not her exact words, but the gist of it. It made me feel so good. It helped me to see myself within the spectrum of normalcy. I’m not the only one who has had a traumatic experience, and I can still fit back into “normal” society.

There is a uniqueness to a brain-washing group that not everyone experiences, and having lived in a cult can’t help but make me feel weird sometimes. To be accepted as normal is a big deal, and as I was thinking back on it this morning, it brought me a sense of calmness and peace. It is one of those joy filled moments that make life worth living. May you all find those in your life daily.


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