My life there and afterwards

Small Pleasures

I went out to the College today after work to meet with an adviser and ask questions. I couldn’t figure out part of the schedule on what courses I need for my degree, and other questions. Driving home afterward, I was struck with a wave of gratitude for my car and the very fact that I CAN drive out to school. Life at CJ was so confined. We hardly ever went anywhere, and when we did it was as a group. Band tours, sisterhood outings to the local park, that kind of thing. That I now have the freedom, the choice, and the ability to move around is still amazing to me. The novelty of it has not worn off. I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world to have finally escaped the twisted version of Christianity that I had lived in for so long, and can now develop as God truly wants for me.

I am:
abounding with amazement,
bubbling with beauty,
chiming with confidence,
dancing with delight,
eloquently effusive,
full of fun,
gushing with gratitude,
high with happiness,
introspective with insight,
jingling with joy,
kinetic for kindness,
laughing with love,
mostly motivated,
nostalgically normal,
openly observing,
parading through paradise,
quietly quirky,
savoring the sensation,
tracing the transition,
understanding the union,
vibrating with vivacity,
whistling with wrens,
exiting the xenophobia,
yodeling with youth,
and zipping through the zone!


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