My life there and afterwards

I’ve compiled some comments that have been made to me from other people who used to live at the Community of Jesus.

“I firmly know it is a cult. I firmly hate the place. I firmly am confused by it – how can it be good and bad?”

“I still am haunted by it. I did not spend the majority of my life there, and it has done the most damage to me. I resent most of the time I spent there. I did have some fairly decent times – but all in all I think the place is pretty evil.”

“Their main goal (it seems to me) is to tear people and families apart and make them solely dependent on CJ for everything. They use people for their money.”

“Your story shows me how much they control…control…control. Those vows are a farce. They aren’t real. I never took any vows, contrary to what they wanted. I was pressured lots to take vows of stability and vows in the sisterhood/brotherhood. They wanted me to be (a sister/brother). He/She was never meant to be and I am grateful every day that I am stubborn and hard headed enough to never let them pressure me into something I knew wasn’t right.”

“You know they tried to actually make me grateful for my (family member) being (dead/sick/killed)? They said – you know if (s)he had not been (dead/sick/killed) you would have never ended up here. Well, now I can see – that is clearly ridiculous.”

” With family members there I can’t close the door totally on it – if they weren’t there – I could truly move on. ”

“I wish I could add my voice, but with family/friends still there I do not want to risk having them close the door on my being able to write/call/visit.”

“Are visitors welcome? Yes, BUT!!! only on non-cloistered times – (at cloistered times the doors and homes of CJ people are closed to any outside people – even family members who don’t live there — and usually around major FAMILY holidays is a time they cloister themselves) and you are welcome IF you are deemed you are appropriately dressed — if not you are given clothing to put on before you are alowed inside the church. Guests, nonmembers sit in the back of the church — only vowed members (and their children) are allowed up close to the altar. Be prepared to be judged and scrutinized as you walk the loooong walk up to Communion. There are people assigned to welcome visitors — you’ll be ignored by everyone else.”


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