My life there and afterwards

Living in Cambridge has been wonderful for me. It has truly been a doorway into a new life.
Cambridge 8
Cambridge 7
I have just moved, this is a new and exciting phase, the next step.
Cambridge 13
Cambridge 12
I am grateful for the time I spent in Cambridge. Many doorways have opened up for me, and I have found many hidden treasures.
Cambridge 11
Cambridge 10
Always look forward, to what the future holds, and what each day brings in the way of opportunity.
Cambridge 9
Cambridge 6
Not every day will bring something special. Some days are just routine, even boring. It is my job to stay alert, awake, alive, and in touch with my aspirations and goals.
Cambridge 5
Cambridge 4
If I am in the moment, in touch with today’s reality, then when an opportunity comes along, through some news, an inner decision, or a friend’s chance comment, I will be ready for it, ready to move forward, to act on it.
Cambridge 3
Cambridge 2
Blessings to you all. May your life blossom.


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