My life there and afterwards

An Apology to animals

“Lots of people talk to animals.” said Pooh. “Maybe, but…” “Not very many listen, though,” he said. “That’s the problem.” he added.

Dear Animals,

We share this planet with you, we see you every day; in our homes, our neighborhoods, our parks and alleys, and we mostly ignore you. Yes, if you live with me, I have a bond with just you, but all the others of your kind are in the background. Just because you don’t use your mouth to communicate like we do, we ignore you and think you don’t count. I apologize for all of my kind that we do not listen to you. You have so much to say, and there is so much we can learn from you, that we are hurting ourselves as well as you by not listening. As we evolve, I hope that we will become more mindful of your presence, and your value.


a human


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