My life there and afterwards

Today I’m going to live up to my eclectic prediction. Have you ever let those drafts pile up until you don’t know what to do with them all? Ah ha! Put them all into one blog and clean out the file! Hee Hee. But I will be kind and only deal with two separate ideas here.

The first is that a lovely gal from Sweden did this interview with me. I am sharing it here.
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She grew up on an island off of western Canada, but has moved to Sweden to live. She came back to Woods Hole on Cape Cod, MA, to attend a journalism course. For their last assignment they were told to do a radio piece on any subject of their choosing. She wanted to do a serious piece, did a little research and found The Community of Jesus, and my blog, so she contacted me and asked to interview me. I didn’t even have any serious hesitation, so we met twice. She has a lot more material than she was able to use in the time frame of her assignment, but I think she did a very good job. One thing of interest that is not in the radio piece is this: CJ was reluctant to let her come onto the property to interview them. They were going to send a crew to her in Woods Hole, but then changed their minds and let her come to them. The day after the interview with them, she called them back and said that she would like to come again and give them a chance to respond to some things that ex-members had said. Their PR person blew up at her and tried to intimidate and humiliate her, saying that she had been deceitful with them and that they had not known she had talked with anyone else. Deceitful about what? What reporter would not try to get both sides of any story? I’m glad they blew their cool with her. That says more than anything I could say about what is really in their hearts.

On another subject, here’s a great quote I came across recently:

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot

I think this speaks eloquently to our situation, those of us who have survived years of numbing Totalism, narcissistic control, and abuse. We have lost years, and that is a grief, but it is only a hurdle, not a wall. Time is relative, and we are now blossoming, with all the energy that was penned up for so long.

I am also in the middle of reading “Escape From Freedom” by Eric Fromm. Nope, that’s not a typo. Escape FROM freedom. It’s not an easy read, but worth it if you can hang in there with him. He talks about how each of us becomes individuals – individuation – from childhood to adulthood, but also how mankind as a whole has progressed in this direction. He shows how the Reformation was a freeing of man to be more of an individual, but also produced a lot of loneliness and anxiety. I’m in the middle, but he will be explaining his viewpoint of how this loneliness drives many people to want to escape from a negative freedom by looking to a leader, and submitting to either a person or a system. It takes work and growth to be able to handle freedom in a positive way that incorporates positive connections to others and the world around us, natural and societal. He also shows a side of Luther and Calvin that I never knew. Evidently they were both very anxious and fearful men, displaying a lot of hatred of themselves and others. Not very good role models, and yet they set the trend for all of Protestantism. Interesting.

May everyone have a wonderful New Year’s celebration. See you next year.


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