My life there and afterwards

Another round

Well, they did it again. I am sorry to hear that the rut is deep and just keeps getting deeper at the Community. Here is the recent announcement from them.

“The Community of Jesus rejoices to announce that on the 21st of March 2015 in accordance with the procedure set forth in our Rule of Life, Mother Betty Pugsley was re-elected Prioress for a term of four years.”

How well I remember those Chapter meetings where we were supposed to be free to speak our minds, and if we did we got an intense “light sessions” afterwards. I remember one year that one man was seriously being talked up among us as a possible replacement for Betty Pugsley, and he got sent to another country, to one of CJ’s outposts, just before the election. She announced that he had spiritual problems and that this new ministry was the right fit to heal him and to give him a place to be productive. Securing herself as the only real candidate for re-election. The only other possibility was someone who was even harsher than she was.

How well I remember the force of fear in my mind that I could not vote my conscience, and the agony I felt afterwards because I knew I was not being honest before God.

She has been in that office forever. Why do they not share the leadership? Why do they not have checks and balances? Why has no one there been trained in leadership so they can take a turn at serving God at the helm?


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