My life there and afterwards

As I pause at the beginning of a New Year to reflect on my life, I see the multitude of friends who have been a help in my journey. I am grateful for you all. Thank you for:
– listening to my story
– believing me
– advice and encouragement
– monetary gifts and loans
– temporary living space
– rides to appointments and to buy my first car
– invitations to weekends and celebrations
– sticking with me over time
– thoughtfulness and gifts
– most of all for being my friends and being there for me.

I love you all!!

Although at times I may feel very alone, it is heart-warming and encouraging to remember that I am connected to a wide network of loving and caring people. I do not at this time have a daily companion, but when I remember to reflect on our connections, I no longer feel alone. In this remembrance I find solace and joy.

My mom always said that in order to have friends, you have to be a friend. I hope you know that I am here for you also, and will do all I can to be your friend.

Blessings on us all in this New Year!!!


Comments on: "We are connected, and I am grateful" (2)

  1. Margie Christian said:

    I left as a live in and what hurts me is I so badly needed structure in my life and the routine was welcome to me. But when I was told to leave it’s been horrible since I left. I don’s know how to structure my own time and balance out the things that I do. The last time I was at COJ was 1979. I thought I would be made welcome at least as a friend. I was just acknowldged. Nothing was the same when I tried the live-in week. Even when there was a “light” session” it wasn’t the same. My heart hurts at that. I find myself almost wanted to be back to the day when I first came to have the same structure and acknowldgement that I first received. What a shame

    • Yes, things got worse and worse. I’m afraid that saying is true that “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

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