My life there and afterwards

We are becoming

“Your True Self is who you are, and always have been in God; and at its core, it is love itself. Love is both who you are and who you are still becoming, like a sunflower seed that becomes its own sunflower.” (Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation)

My true self is what most of history, including the major religions, has called the soul and it is an integral part of my life. The message I got from the group I was in was that my ‘self’ had to be denied and subjugated to discipline and the will of others. By submitting to this teaching I almost lost touch completely with my true self and experienced a descent into a personal hell that defies description, but is familiar to those who have experienced cult life or a narcissitic partner/parent.

Since leaving that group, I am on the journey to discovering my true self, to being in touch with myself, to knowing myself. It is a wondrous journey, one that I am very happy with. Struggles, questions, thinking – anything that wakes up my curiosity or my concern – is no longer anathema, but instead is fruitful ground for discussion and discovery. I am becoming comfortable in my own skin, and confident that Life/God meant me to be who I am, not someone who is “broken” and needs to be molded into a different version.

It is from this whole sense of self that I can care for others.

Celebrate life and love yourself as you are and as who you are becoming.


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  1. Margie Christian (Liike) said:

    My belief wasn’t affected but my behavior fell apart when I left the C of J as a live in. From my first day home there was remendous nervousness because all the controls that were on me as a live in were just gone. I was fortunate to hear some teachings to tell me to test things for myself which I did. I won’t say what I did It was too awful. After 40 years I miss that control but nothing happened that has given me the opportunity to go back so I thank God for that. Self discipline is still hard but I think it will be a life long problem for me. So look at any community with caution-ANY OF THEM!!!

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