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News story – must-see

Channel W5, on Canadian TV, has just done a 4 part investigation into Grenville Christian College and this report includes the connection with The Community of Jesus, Orleans,MA. Here is the link:
It is a must-see. Finally the abuse is becoming known and the class action suit is going forward.

One person said that her faith was not affected by the “Christian” abuse she endured there. I am truly glad for her, but many others did have their faith shattered, as I had mine shattered by the C of J. When you believe whole-heartedly that the leaders you trust are speaking for God, and interpreting scripture as it was meant to be understood, and then realize the hypocrisy and harm that is going on, it is devastating. It takes time to heal, but I am also very glad that I can now sort things out for myself. No one knows the ultimate answers for sure, and anyone who says they do has too high an opinion of themselves. Now I am free to embrace the journey of life for myself, and to seek for the answers that work for me.

Love is the only thing that transforms the human heart. If a group is Christian, they will see Jesus as fully revealing this divine wisdom, which takes the shape of gentle understanding and radical forgiveness–which is just about all that Jesus does. Jesus, who Christians believe represents God, does not tell the vulnerable how bad they are. Look at Jesus’ interaction with the tax collector Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10). He doesn’t belittle or punish Zacchaeus; instead, Jesus goes to his home, shares a meal with him, and treats him like a friend. He does not submit him to a “light session”.

Anyone who thinks fear, anger, divine intimidation, threat, and punishment are going to lead people to love is on a power trip. Show me where that has worked. You cannot lead people to the highest level of fulfillment and creativity by teaching them they are the scum of the earth. The leaders at GCC and CJ were/are on a power trip and, from my experience, do not show any care for the lives of those they are supposedly caring for.


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  1. Jesus came to heal us, not to break us down! Yet it seems even in what would appear as a healthy church the cry to “break me” is a standard, even sang in worship! I get it because I used to do it. Instead of crying out to God to “break me”, I cry out to God to “heal me”! I cry out for God’s mercy because I am broken. I don’t need to be further broken!

    You are right in that Jesus never scorned the vulnerable. He even responded to the faith of those outside the Jewish religion! God hears our cries for mercy, forgiveness and grace. He hears all our prayers to Him. I’m happy He doesn’t answer all those prayers, especially the one to break us! Man forces that on people, not God!

  2. Thanks for the link, I watched part but will now watch the rest!

  3. These news clips are locked!?!

  4. Hi, Were you able somehow to view this in the US? I’m so interested, yet haven’t found a way to play it in the USA, without a credential from an Canadian cable service provider…

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